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Terminology Management

Terminology is an asset that is often undervalued by organisations.

The specialist terms an organisation uses often define the company, their product, service or even a unique selling point. And the consistent use of those specialist terms ensures a consistent message is communicated to your audience.

The Challenge

  • improve the consistency and quality of the terminology you use

  • strengthen your global brand image

  • give your employees instant access to your terminology in multiple languages

  • save time and money

Word Connection’s Terminology Management Service makes this all possible.

The Solution

In order to guarantee the consistency of customers’ terminology in all translated texts, Word Connection uses customer-specific, multilingual dictionaries (termbases), which are integrated into the translating environment.

We are now able to offer our clients instant access to their terminology with our web-based Terminology Management Service.

Users can:

  • look up the preferred translation of terms in all required languages with a single mouse-click

  • add new terms

  • add supporting images/photos for each term

  • add additional fields [e.g. source, status (approved, suggested, forbidden), definition, context example, gender, notes, etc.]

  • delete or forbid incorrect terms

The Benefits

A systematic approach to terminology management is a smart investment. It results in time and cost savings, as well as higher linguistic quality and consistency in all languages across all your media.

  • only 1 translation for each term

  • consistent use of authorised terms

  • immediate access for all users to the most up-to-date entries

    » Accurate texts and consistent brand image

  • each new term translated only once + then available to all users

  • terms accessible within any office applications with a single mouse-click

  • no need to search dictionary websites

  • efficient use of terminology

    » Considerable time and money savings

Test it!

With annual prices from just € 199 per user, taking control of your terminology with Word Connection’s Terminology Management Service ensures a quick return on your investment. For a free and non-binding live demonstration of our Terminology Management Service, or to arrange a 2-week trial, please contact us.



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