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ISO 17100-compliant translators and revisers

We choose our translators and revisers very carefully. They have to meet the strictest criteria in order to be able to work for Word Connection.

They must be fluent in both languages and must be a native speaker in the target language. A translation done by a non-native speaker may be hard for you to detect, but will be spotted a mile off by the target audience.

In order to be able to provide a service conforming to our standards as well as those of ISO 17100, our translators and revisers must either have a recognised graduate qualification in translation, a graduate qualification in any other field plus 2 years of full-time translating experience, or 5 years of full-time translating experience. Most of our translators and revisers possess much more experience than even this.

Our extensive team of translators and revisers also have different domains of expertise. Word Connection assigns translators and revisers with the requisite specialist knowledge and expertise to each translation project.

Our translators and revisers are assisted (but not replaced!) by cutting-edge translation memory and terminology management software. This ensures that all texts across all media for a particular client are absolutely consistent.

The result: your texts are translated and revised by experienced native speakers of the target language who have extensive knowledge and experience in the subject matter of your particular project.

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