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Document Translation

Clear, concise and accurate translations are a vital element in running a successful organisation.

Whether you need translation services for legal documents, marketing texts, user manuals, medical reports or just simply a letter or email, Word Connection provides the quick, reliable and accurate service that your organisation needs. View our fields of expertise.

Word Connection assigns ISO 17100-compliant translators with the requisite specialist knowledge and expertise to each translation project. That means that your texts are translated by a native speaker of the target language who has extensive knowledge and experience in the subject matter of the particular project. The same goes for the reviser. This way we can guarantee you the quality and accuracy of every document.

We can work with pretty much every standard file format (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, ...), as well as DTP file formats (InDesign, QuarkXPress, ...) and website file formats (HTML, XML, Typo3, ...).

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