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File Formats

We can work with pretty much all formats, from Word and Powerpoint, to InDesign and Quark, to HTML and Typo3.

The important thing is to return the translated version to you looking exactly like the original - only in a different language. Our ability to work directly with these diverse formats saves you both time and money.


We work with the usual range of Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) in all currently supported versions. We can also translate OpenOffice and StarOffice file formats.


We can handle the complete range of DTP formats including InDesign and QuarkXpress. We extract the text from the original and then flow the translated text back into the original template. We usually then allow your DTP expert to do any necessary re-sizing of fonts, boxes and images, but we can also handle this for you at an additional cost.


Again we can handle most web-based formats including .html, .xml, and .sgml files. We also have extensive experience working within the Typo3 environment.

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