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Quality Assurance

Translated texts are one area where mistakes can be at best mildly embarrassing and at worst exceedingly costly or even, in the case of operation manuals, potentially dangerous. 

In choosing a translation agency for your carefully worded texts, quality should be placed above all other considerations.

Word Connection's quality assurance system ensures uncompromising quality, so much so that we've been certified as meeting the stringent requirements of the only international standard for translation services, the ISO 17100.

There are many criteria that have to be met for ISO 17100 certification, but here follow the most salient aspects:

We select our translators and revisers very carefully. For them to be ISO 17100-compliant they must, as well as being fluent in the source language and a native speaker in the target language, have the requisite qualifications and/or experience, as well as specialist knowledge in the domains (business fields) that they translate for. [more...]

The success or failure of a translation project is determined to a great extent before the first word is translated. Alongside checking project feasibility, creating a quotation, and defining and agreeing upon the project specifications, our highly-experienced project manager assigned to your project will also take the following steps:

  • the most appropriate ISO 17100-compliant translators and revisers with the requisite domain-specialisation are selected and their time reserved
  • the source language content is analysed and measures taken to improve it if necessary; this includes the formatting as it might affect how the text is presented in our CAT software
  • client-specific translation memories are linked with the project (at the quotation stage)
  • if the availability of appropriate terminology is deemed necessary to properly execute the translation project, any existing terminology database is associated with the project; if one doesn't exist, a client-specific termbase should be created
  • any client-specific style guide is added to the project

Only with a methodical and comprehensive translation process can the level of quality demanded by clients be ensured. Our translation process meets the strict requirements of ISO 17100 and includes the following aspects:

  • translation by experienced, ISO 17100-compliant translators with knowledge and/or experience in the specific domain
  • revision by experienced, ISO-compliant revisers with knowledge and/or experience in the specific domain
  • compliance with specific domain and client terminology as well as any style guide, semantic accuracy, appropriate syntax, spelling and punctuation, lexical cohesion and phraseology, appropriacy for target language and purpose
  • dissemination of all information or instructions relating to the assignment to all parties involved
  • handling of and getting answers to any questions
  • monitoring of progress to ensure compliance with the agreed upon schedule and deadlines
  • final verification that the project specifications have been met, approval of target language content and delivery of the finalised documents to the client

The project isn't necessarily complete when we hit the "send" button and deliver the translation. Feedback is sought from the client, especially if any changes (perhaps to a particular term) have been made on the client-side. Any such changes are then updated in our client-specific translation memory and termbase, so that the desired wording will then be consistently implemented in future translation projects.

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