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DTP Services

Often the first impression a potential customer gets of your company is when they leaf through one of your brochures.

That first impression can be decisive. Make sure your company's professionalism is reflected in the quality of the translated texts. A single error is an error too many.

Word Connection is able to work with just about any DTP format (Quark, InDesign, etc.). This means you only need send us the finished document (e.g. an InDesign file) in the source language and you get back a finished document in as many target languages as you require.

This offers you the following benefits:

  • no need to copy text out of DTP documents before translation
  • no need to create new DTP documents and then paste the translated text into them
  • minimal exchanging of documents between client, graphic designer and translator
  • less risk of confusion between different versions of the same document


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