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Case Study: Faschang Service and Management

Faschang GmbH, headquartered in Altheim, Austria, is a developer of solutions for the management of repair and maintenance costs in decentralised organisations. The in-house developed OMIS Cloud Software (Object Maintenance Information System) enables the repair and maintenance costs of decentralised branches to be centrally managed in a highly efficient manner.

A key client of Faschang, OMV Refining & Marketing GmbH, uses OMIS throughout Austria, and since December 2013 also in Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia, to centrally manage the repairs and maintenance of around 50,000 appliances (from petrol pumps and car washes to coffee machines and air con equipment) at around 1100 service stations.

On completing negotiations with OMV with regards to delivering OMIS in the above-mentioned new markets, Faschang had suddenly only a matter of a few weeks to roll out their cloud software to 3 new markets as well as train the new users how to use the app. And all this in 4 new languages – Bulgarian, Romanian and Serbian, and English for the corporate headquarters.

Rudolf Faschang, the mastermind behind the OMIS software: We were delighted to have been awarded the OMV contract, but we were under extreme time pressure. To have rolled the app out to 3 new markets in the existing German language would have been tough enough, but we needed the app in 4 new languages as well!

Faschang turned to translation experts Word Connection to not only get the considerable text volume translated into 4 languages on time, but to also deliver flawless quality at the same time.

Translation of the user manuals provided no obstacles – these were straightforward MS Word documents. But the content of the web-based application itself, packed full of strings and placeholders, had mostly been written directly in the backend of the application. There were no straightforward MS documents containing the software’s content. To copy and paste the entire content of the web app into a familiar file format would have been insanely time-consuming and expensive, never mind prone to human error.

Faschang were, however, able to export RESX files (RESX is a resource file for .NET applications) from their application backend. If they could get RESX files back in the target languages, all that would be required would be a simple import and the web application could quickly go live with an additional 4 languages.

Opened in a typical Editor, RESX files make little sense to the uninitiated: chock full of elements and attributes, with the text that actually needs translate buried deep within. However, Word Connection were able to create a file type definition with the necessary (parser) rules that allowed the RESX files to be opened in Word Connection’s translation environment, with only the text to be translated visible to the translator and proofreader. On completion, it took only a couple of mouse-clicks to generate the RESX files again, but this time in the target languages.

Rudolf Faschang: “It was amazing, actually. What seemed like an impossible and fairly costly task at the outset turned out to be trouble-free and really very economical.  Word Connection saved us an enormous amount of time, not to mention money, and we were able to go live as scheduled.

OMV are extremely pleased to now be able to offer their service station operators in 3 new countries this wonder-app from Faschang."OMV is  considereing implementing OMIS in additional countries. Discussions are already in progress and we expect the next projects to follow later in 2014."

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