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Translation Services

If you're expanding into new markets, you need to be able to communicate clearly and persuasively.

You're an expert at this in your own language, but you need to be sure that this expertise isn’t lost in translation.For this you need a translation partner you can trust. 100%. Word Connection translation services are trusted by leading companies, organisations and institutions throughout Europe.

Our translation services offer:

We select our translators and revisers very carefully. For them to be ISO 17100-compliant they must, as well as being fluent in the source language and a native speaker in the target language, have the requisite qualifications and/or experience, as well as specialist knowledge in the domains (business fields) that they translate for. [more...]

Alongside first-rate translators and revisers one needs a workflow system that guarantees error-free, consistent and high-quality translations. Our workflow has been certified as meeting all the criteria demanded by the internationally-recognised ISO 17100. Among other things, this ensures that all texts are, at the very minimum, translated by a domain-specialist and then revised by another domain-specialist. This way no errors get through. [more...]

Would you want an engineer to translate your medical report? Or a doctor your user manual? Neither would we. We ensure that we match your job with a translator and reviser who have extensive knowledge and experience in your particular domain. [more...]

Our translation service covers the world's main languages. If you require a language pair that we haven't yet had any experience in, we'll recruit and provide you with a selection of ISO 17100-compliant translators and revisers to choose from. [more...]

We can work with pretty much all formats, from Word and Powerpoint, to InDesign and Quark, to HTML and Typo3. Our ability to work directly with these diverse formats saves you both time and money. [more...]

Thanks to an efficient and streamlined workflow process, the use of advanced translation-assisting software and a large team of translators and revisers, we can turn around your projects in the shortest possible time. And if you have a super urgent translation? With translators located in different time zones, we can manage that, too.

The turnaround time will depend on the number of words and the complexity of the language. But to give you an idea we generally translate 2,000 - 2,500 a day. If it's necessary to build a bi- or multilingual glossary in advance of starting, this may lower the average daily rate.

Word Connection's goal is to offer a premium translation service at competitive prices. By using advanced computer aided translation (CAT) software and keeping our overheads down, we can offer you quality, ISO-17100-compliant translations at a competitive price. Beware of very low prices - the translator being used is often either inexperienced or not a native speaker of the target language.


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