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Translation Memory

Our translators and revisers are all assisted (not replaced!) by state-of-the-art computer-aided-translation (CAT) software.

This software is essentially a translation memory (database) of all texts translated (by our "human" translators!) for a particular client, broken up into translation units. A translation unit is a small chunk of text (e.g. a sentence) in both the source and target languages. Over time a translation memory for a particular client grows to a considerable size.

When a translator or reviser is subsequently working on a text (or a sentence even) that is similar to a previous text for that client, the CAT software recognises these similarities and "suggests" the previous translation as being a possibility in this instance. The translator then decides either to utilise the previous translation, to modify it in some way, or to write a completely new translation. This greatly increases the speed at which the translator and reviser can work and guarantees greater consistency across all media for any particular client.

But another great benefit to the client are the cost savings. The CAT software rates the degree of similarity between the sentence to be translated and its translation memory, and sentences with a high-level match are charged at a discount to the client.

 The result: considerable cost savings for regular clients and absolute consistency across all media. 

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